Firewalking course in Spain, Germany, Mexico, USA... by Inés Drechsel

Also called walking on fire; It is a course and is such a powerful technique that, combined with hypnosis, neurolinguistic programming and other high impact techniques, as well as coaching, leaves no one indifferent.

We realize that, by making the decision to walk on that fire, overcoming our fears, we are capable of much more. Old beliefs limit us, leave us where we are and fill us with fear.

We're living in a bad live for so long that we get comfortable with it. Precisely that leaves us where we are, without advancing, without progress, lamenting the same stories, day after day. Do you want to change it? It is in your hand, or maybe in your head. Break those limitations, overcome that fear, become aware of what you are capable of ... I assure you that they are doors that open because beyond fear is LOVE.

I have officially certified by FIREWALKING INSTITUTE of DALLAS to walk on fire and I can teach you to create a new future and realize that potential safely and responsibly. My training guarantees that the technique is done in a responsible and serious manner, where safety is our maximum. Participating in the walk is always voluntary and at your own risk.

Throughout the day we will prepare you with coaching, hypnosis, and NLP to discover your true resources and the experience is absolutely unforgettable. People who have attended my courses, both in Spain and in Mexico, can confirm your result in the short and long term. The profound change in their lives. Before and after.

Este curso lo realizo con un mínimo de 10 personas, para familias, amigos, empresas… Si tienes un grupo lo organizamos.

I invite you to enroll in my next Fire Walking Course and other High Impact techniques, so that you discover the true potential within you.

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